A variety of sizes, print types and finishes are available from Marco Manzini shop, from paper prints to complete wall art or desk art products.

Acrylic Gallery

This is a print-to-edge wall product with a float and 3D effect. Print has a gloss finish and is mounted under crystal clear acrylic. Sleek and modern, the Acrylic Gallery has 6mm of crystal clear acrylic creating an eye-catching wall product. Available in sizes up to 101 cm from the shop. Sizes of over 101 cm are available by request.

Alumini Prints

High gloss Alumini Prints offer the most vibrant, luminous, waterproof option for your photos. Expect the most exceptional image clarity and colour reproduction from these dye-infused aluminium sheets. The back comes finished with a unique, ready-to-hang system that keeps your print floating 12mm off the wall. Available in sizes up to 94 cm from the shop. Sizes of over 94 cm are available by request.

Edge Print

Edge Prints offer you a bold, contemporary way of displaying your photos without the need for a frame. Your print is protected with a satin laminate and then mounted on solid main frame. The edges are then finished with textured, durable 1″ border, setting your photo boldly out from the wall. Available in sizes up to 101 cm from the shop. Sizes of over 101 cm are available by request.

A very wide range of other customized products is available. Examples include

• Ultra-large Acrylic Panoramic prints up to 240 cm in width.

• Direct prints on Brushed Aluminium where white portions of the image have a metallic look up to 190 cm in width

• Metallic Prints under Acrylic Glass up to 270 cm in width.

• Custom Framed products: wood or aluminium frame are available in different colors and sizes up to 180 cm.

• Direct print on an ultra-light 3 mm-thick Forex® backing panel up to 190cm

• Direct print on natural-looking plywood or an anthracite grey MDF panel, laminated with a UV-protective film up to 190 cm in width.

• Photo print under Special Resin – crystal clear, glossy look with rounded edges on an aluminium support up to 180 cm in width.

Please contact me with your specifications or ideas.