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I have visited Iceland both in summer and winter, I wasn’t surprised to see a landscape completely different in the two seasons: the winter snow transforms everything in a white dream; the summer, colorful and with milder temperatures give the opportunity to visit the less explored Highlands, inaccessible during the winter a truly alien landscape.

The iconic Vestrahorn mountain near the town Höfn is probably one of my favorite places in the whole world, all the elements play the perfect role: the ocean, the sand, the light, the mountains. The weather transforms this strip of land next to the Ocean a photographer’s haven.

For a person like me used to see landscapes mostly covered by a tick vegetation, see a place where the rocks and sand are the protagonist is still quite odd, the smoking lands of Hveradalir are probably one of the most impressive place of Iceland.

The Northern Lights are something that have to be seen in person, unfortunately pictures cant represent a natural event so impressive. I was lucky enough to witness the polar lights a couple of nights.

Travel to Iceland is like travel to another planet where landscapes are different from any other part in the world: Black sand beaches as far the eyes can see, mighty volcanos, crystal clear water lagoon with icebergs flooting silently, cold deserts and hot spring. Iceland has it all.