Val d'Otro (Italy) - Marco Manzini

Val d'Otro (Italy)

Valsesia is a group of valleys in north-west of Italy, one of the minor valley is the Otro valley (val d'Otro), probably one of the most popular destination by local residents. 

Visit the Otro Valley

The Otro Valley, at the begin narrow and wooded suddenly open and unveil many small villages surrounded by alpine meadow. The main connection with the touristic town of Alagna Valsesia (1154 m), is a steep footpath marked as "3", Follu (1664 m) is the first village encountered after one hour of walk, as every village in the valley Follu is characterized by the Walser architecture, a pretty unique style found only in the communities around the Monte Rosa. On the way is possible to visit one of the best, if not the best waterfall in Valsesia, the "Caldaia dell'Otro": A narrow gorge 40 m tall eroded in the rock by the same name river Otro, maybe is not the most impressive waterfall in terms of size you have ever seen, however the rounded walls of the gorge and the shapes painted by the water make you believe to be in fairy tale. The last settlement before the footpath turn in a more challenging climb on highest pecks as the "Passo dell'Umo strorto" (2882 m) is Pianmisura, probably the most iconic village in the area: It rise over a meadow hill surrounded by a ridge of mountains, both in summer and winter the place look like a movie location.

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