About - Marco Manzini

Marco Manzini is a professional photographer with many years of experience in image capture, editing and production. His fascination with natural and urban setting from around the world lead him to create a unique collection of striking pictures. Marco Manzini has visited a variety of places of outstanding natural beauty in many corners of the world, some requiring an effort to reach or converge on a inspiring location. His determination and patience allowed him to capture the essence of the scene in its true form. He does not believe in heavy picture alterations and relies on meticulous preparation to get a good shot. Marco’s passion for arts started early, after finishing school he attended Liceo Artistico where he learned art history, creative techniques and worked on painting, sculpture and photography. He continued his studies at Istituto Europeo di Design in Torino where he completed his Bachelor’s degree in Digital Arts. While working number of years as creative artist at various digital studios Marco developed an ability to create high quality, detailed, professional visuals. His current work focuses on the production of individually selected pieces from his collection in large format.

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